Someone Caught A Photo Of A Very Pregnant Kylie And We Are Shook


It seems like just yesterday we were finally celebrating the official announcement of Khloé's pregnancy post on Instagram. Then again... it literally was last week. Unfortunately the attention is already off Khloé and back on to her baby sister, Kylie whose pregnancy has long been questioned but might FINALLY be confirmed thanks to the paparazzi.

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A sneaky pap was able to snag a photo of what appears to be Kylie grabbing some Froyo with a very prominent baby bump. Though, we shouldn't be surprised by how big her bump has become considering she hasn't posted a current photo of her body in ages. Instead, she's opted to flood her Instagram with selfies and keep us dying for a baby bump reveal.

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While she's been busying herself with Kylie Cosmetics and otherwise laying low apart from advertising product launches, it seems the young star just can't escape the cameras!

Via salruffino

Via salruffino

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