If you were breathing over the weekend you probably heard something or another about the royal wedding. But in case you live under a rocks or were hibernating far away from all modern technology; this past Saturday morning the youngest royal brother Prince Harry married former Suits actor Meghan Markle in a beautiful church ceremony in Windsor, UK.  

Millions were fawning over her dress, the controversial guest list, and just how magical the whole event was in general - however now that the dust has settled there's something else wedding related that has the world freaking out. 

And it has everything to do with the royal swag bag given out to official guests in attendance of the weekend wedding. 

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While it might sound funny to hear, those that snagged an invite to the wedding of the year were also gifted canvas totes with little thank you gifts inside.  

The bags were monogrammed with the couple's initials, the date of the wedding and the location that the wedding took place at. 

Photographed below, you can see that while the bag is super cute, it's hardly anything revolutionary or avant garde. 

Via eBay

While the bag is far from a Berkin bag or a Gucci clutch, that didn't stop people from freaking out this weekend when they found out that one of the bags landed on eBay.  

Included in the royal wedding gift bag are: a giant gold wrapped chocolate coin with the couple’s initials, a royal monogrammed water bottle, hand bagged shortbread cookies, a magnet featuring the wedding date and the initials “H” and “M,” as well as a coupon to a local store, a map from the event, and other small items.

While all that sound nice, it's hardly as impressive as what's given out at most award show swag bags - however many are still clamoring to own it. 

Via eBay

80+ eBay bidders are currently vying for the swag bag because despite the outrageous $300 GBP ($514 CAD)  listing price the bid for the official wedding merch has soared to a staggering $21,400 GBP ($36,700 CAD) in just a few short days. 

And there's still 5 more days for the item to be bid on, meaning that odds are the final purchase price will be even more obscene. 

Via eBay

Via eBay

So if you're also among the many wanting to own a piece of the royal wedding, the bidding ends at Monday at 8:04 AM (timezone not specified). 

To make your bid, click here - however the seller is only taking paypal payments and there are no returns. 

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