Taylor Swift isn't even close to being done with shading Kanye West. The release of her new 'edgy' music was a huuuuge nod to the singer's feud with Kanye West which has literally been going on for years now. Along with stealing Kanye's overall look and even font for crying out loud for her new album, Taylor has gone one step further and stolen yet another piece of Kanye to promote her new sound. 

via @taylorswift

Taylor has been the recent queen of dropping obscure Instagrams with no explanation. She is using the platform seemingly to promote new music - that's all. No personal shots or quirky posts like the Old Taylor. Why? Because she's dead! (Did I mention I hate 2017 Taylor?) 

via @taylorswift

Anyways, the singer took to her account to post 3 pink pictures promoting her new song, Gorgeous. The only clip we have is maybe 2 seconds max of a child saying, "Gorgeous," super similar to the adorable little girl on "Ultra Lightbeam." Taylor's clip is pretty haunting/creepy. Some fans even think that it's baby Taylor's voicing chiming, "Gorgeous." 

Fans were also quick to point out that Kanye also has a song called Gorgeous on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy so basically, she's up to no good. Damn you, 2017 Taylor Swift!!

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