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The Bachelor's Bekah M. Claps Back At People Who Say She's "Too Young" For Arie

She shares some ~sage~ advice.

If you read yesterday's post about The Bachelor, you'll know that the episode revolved around one thing and one thing only - 22-year-old Bekah M. Bekah Martinez is one of the more vibrant characters on this season of The Bachelor as she vies for a piece, if not all, of Arie. Jr's heart. 

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Many viewers and castmates were concerned that Bekah was "too young" for Arie, as she is 14-years younger than the 36-year-old star. When Arie invited Bekah on a one-on-one date, many of her fellow contestants thought the racecar driver would send her home upon discovering her age. 

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To many people's surprise, Arie decided to keep Bekah in the game a little bit longer, saying that "[she's] a risk, but at this point, I can't let [her] go." Arie vocalized his concerns about Bekah, not necessarily about her age, but where she is in her life. Arie worried about falling in love with Bekah only to end up heartbroken if she didn't want to get married or have children in the coming years. 

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Arie even told Us Weekly that, "age isn't really a thing. It’s more about maturity [and] if that person is ready for marriage, if they’re ready for that next step in their life. That’s not really even a factor until you really know if there is a potential there. So for it to be an issue at this point, I don’t think it’s really a conversation yet.”

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When talking about this episode with Bachelor veterans Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti, Arie said, “I really expected her to be in her mid-twenties. I couldn’t deny the fact that there were a lot of feelings toward her … At that point in the show, I was probably the most connected to her and that made things really difficult for me.”

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Bekah had her own 2 cents to the whole age issue saying:

To sum up her feelings in a nutshell - this tweet followed by an expressive Kanye GIF.   

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