When it come to who might be invited to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal wedding, happening on in May 19th, 2018 at the St. George's Chapel, there's no doubt in our mind that it'll be a star studded event. Mainly because both the bride and groom rub elbows with some pretty amazing people. And while most wedding guest lists are usually a pain it seems like the royal guest list is causing political controversy - especially in regards to inviting the Obama family.

New reports have written that the British government is worried that the guest list may cause tension if the Obamas are invited but the Trump family isn't. In order to avoid any issues, the government officials have advised the Prince to not include the Obama's on the guestlist. However if it's one thing we know about Harry, is that he marches to the beat of his own drum so he'll likely invite whoever it is he'd like to have attend. 

“Harry has made it clear he wants the Obamas at the wedding, so it’s causing a lot of nervousness,” a source told The Sun. “Trump could react very badly if the Obamas get to a Royal wedding before he has had a chance to meet the Queen.”

This doesn't come as a huge surprise that the couple would like to have the Obama family at the wedding since it's no secret that the Prince and Barack have a very friendly relationship. They've been spotting hanging out together many times during and after Barack's presidency. The families have even dined together at Kensington Palace and Michelle was an active member of Harry's Invictus games held in Toronto this past summer. Harry even recently interviewed Barrak for his podcast just a few weeks ago. 

For now it seems that there is a good chance that the Trump family could be subbed from the wedding, since Harry and Meghan’s wedding will not be considered a state occasion or a bank holiday. This means that we can expect less foreign dignitaries and heads of state present than there were at William and Kate’s 2011 wedding. A wedding that the Obama's were not invited to even though they were in office at the time, so it wouldn't be breaking standard protocol for the current President not to attending the royal wedding. 

The guest list is actually being crafted by Buckingham Palace, and not the governmental Department of Culture, Media and Sport or the couple so we'll have to see who turns up to the event. Although if it's one thing we can bet on, our very on Trudeau family is most likely be there. 

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Source: People

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