Way back in 2015, singer Katy Perry attempted to buy a former convent from the Los Angeles Archdiocese (basally the Catholic church). The convent sat on 8 acres of land and the Roman villa style buildings were on the market for $14.5 million dollars. 

However when Katy not only showed interest in purchasing the home but was successful in purchasing it, two of the local nuns were really not happy about it and sued the singer. They also tried to instead sell the space to a local restaurateur who wanted to turn it into a boutique hotel.   

Only a few nuns were still living in the convent, when it was put up for sale.

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The reason why Sister Catherine Rose and Sister Rita Callanan did not want the convent to be handed over to Perry, was for her songs like Ur So Gay and I Kissed A Girl. 

One of the nuns said that she watched some of Perry's videos and wasn't happy with what she saw, even after Perry reportedly showed the nuns her tattoo of Jesus and sang them a hymn. 

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However, last Friday one of those two nuns collapsed and died in the courtroom. Literally. 

Sister Catherine Rose Holzman was 89 when she suffered some kind of medical emergency and died in the courtroom on Friday.  

In a statement released on Friday, Archbishop Gomez said "Sister Catherine Rose served the Church with dedication and love for many years, and today we remember her life with gratitude."

Source: BBC

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