A 26-year-old man named Eduardo Leon was arrested after breaking into Rihanna's L.A. home and spending the night there. The creepiest part is that he wasn't there to steal anything - he was there to "have sex with her." 

Police were called yesterday morning after Rihanna's assistant arrived at her house and discovered Leon lounging there. Somehow, he managed to disable the alarm system, and proceeded to settle in and make himself comfortable for "at least an entire day." He even unpacked his overnight bag and used her outlets to charge his phone.

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Police ordered Leon to come outside and tasered him before they detained him. Apparently he also broke into a different house on May 4th, thinking it was Rihanna's.

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Leon told police that his goal was to have sex with Rihanna, but wasn't planning on "using force" to make it happen. Thankfully, Rihanna wasn't in L.A. when it happened. It's possible that she was still in New York for Monday night's Met Gala. 

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Leon is in police custody and his bail is set at $150,000 US. He was arrested for stalking, and is facing charges for residential burglary and trespassing. 

Source: TMZ

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