When Cardi B took to Instagram (as usual) to announce her break up with Offset, it was definitely a sad time for fans of the pair. But apart from that, it seemed that the two rappers had an amicable split. Cardi even ended her video post saying she would always "have love" for the 26-year-old rapper. 

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Unfortunately, it didn't take long for Cardi's claims to come off as nothing more than damage control. As after Cardi posted her video, someone on Instagram exposed Offset's text messages with another woman he was planning on flying out behind Cardi's back. 

The texts included Offset offering to fly out a woman who goes by Cuban Doll and another woman named Summer to "New or lean"... meaning New Orleans, to hook up.  The user who exposed the receipts going by @mmmforeign on Instagram posted the screenshots to her Instagram story yesterday and started a firestorm amongst fans. 

@cubanndasavageembedded via  

It's not the first time that cheating has come up between Cardi and Offset, considering one of Cardi's last comments to Offset on her Instagram live was her asking him to "find a good woman for a threesome." The comment was interpreted by many fans as the Bronx rapper trying to make the cheating allegations against Offset look as if Cardi was aware and okay with it.  

Since then one of the women involved in the proposed threesome, Summer, spoke with the media in a public apology to Cardi, telling VladTV, "seeing another woman's pain does not bring me any joy, nor do I think it's funny." 

Offset also broke his silence by commenting under Cardi's post saying "Y'all won" to which fans were quick to remind the rapper that this wasn't the public's fault, he was the one who cheated: 

Clearly, the breakup was a lot more than what was let on. But either way, it's clear fans will not be getting that Cardi x Offset joint album that Offset had been alluding to earlier in the year. On the bright side, considering Cardi now gets to focus on herself, her baby Kulture and her album, great things could be coming in the future for the star and her fans! 

Source: VladTV

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