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The Star Studded Vanity Fair Cover That Just Dropped Has Not One But TWO Of The Biggest Photoshop Fails Ever

Two for the price of one?!

You would think that the photos in a Vanity Fair magazine let alone the cover photo would go through some pretty intense screening to make sure there aren't any photoshop blunders.. right? Turns out the latest and arguably the biggest Vanity Fair cover we've seen in a while, featuring the likes of Oprah, Reese Witherspoon, Gal Gadot, Harrison Ford and Tom Hanks, has not one but two photoshop fails!

The first can be spotted on nonother than the front cover of the magazine! If you take a quick glance at the roster of Hollywood elite on the cover, you may not notice it, but if you look a little harder at Reese Witherspoon who seems to be sitting on Oprah's lap, you probably will notice that it seems like Reese has.. three legs? 

Via @girls_power_baby

How that managed to slip by the people at Vanity Fair is beyond us but it definitely made for a good laugh! Though the jokes don't end there considering there was yet another Photoshop blunder in one of the photos featured inside the magazine. Once again it was a photo featuring Reese and Oprah but e also got a candid of Tom Hanks in this one. 

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As you can see in the photo above, we get not one or two of Oprah's hands in the mix, but three! The more the merrier? Regardless of the blunders, the photos inside the issue and the cover are absoloutely stunning, so if anything the mistakes make for a good laugh in between drooling over all the Hollywood megastars featured in this issue! Both stars ended up commenting on the blunder on Twitter in the best possible way: 

Via @RWitherspoon

Via @Oprah

Though while those two Photoshop fails were easy to see on the cover and interior photos, there was one successful cut-out job that would have gone unnoticed if James Franco's reps hadn't said anything. It turns out that Franco was supposed to also be on the cover, but due to the scandals surrounding him involving #MeToo and #TimesUp, Vanity Fair made the decision to exclude him from the issue altogether.

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This isn't the first drop that Franco has seen since the allegations came to light, as the New York Times canceled a Disaster Artist panel that was supposed to feature both Franco brothers. 

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