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The Weeknd Spotted At Coachella With Justin Bieber's Ex And It's Not Selena Gomez

This looks like real love.

The Weeknd smashed day one of Coachella. He was one of the main shows on the first day of the music festival. He definitely started the festival off with a bang, and he's continuing to drop jaws. 

Last year, The Weeknd romanced Selena at the exact same event for the world to see. There were tons of Coachella photos of them hugging, kissing and packing on the PDA all over the internet.

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It's seems like a case of deja-vu because this year The Weeknd was seen packing on the PDA with another one of Justin Bieber's exes. Don't worry, it's wasn't Selena Gomez this time.

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He was actually spotted cozying up to Chantel Jeffries! The Weeknd was spotted with his arm around her, hugging her and she even leaned her head on his shoulder at one point. 

They were literally all smiles while they listened to artists play during day 2 of Coachella. They chatted, drank and enjoyed each other's company all evening long! They already look like an adorable couple. 

Here are some cute pics of them enjoying the festival.

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This may just be the start of something beautiful. They look genuinely adorable in those candid photos. Let's hope everything goes well for them, but in case it doesn't - at least we know we'll get a killer album out of it. 

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