Odds are in your life you’ve seen at least one or two disgusting horror movies that had you shutting your eyes.

 But a horror movie due out later this year is getting an even bigger response from audience members than just some squeals of fright. 

People are actually walking out of it and it’s making those who haven’t seen it even more excited for its release.  

Via ONEmedia

The movie is called The House That Jack Built and is about a murder spree of a serial killer over the course of decades. 

It stars Matt Dillion and Uma Thurman. 

It recently premiered at the Cannes film festival in France where it got a pretty violent reaction from audience members.  

Many of them simply walked out due to the nature of the film.  

Plenty of them took to Twitter to explain why they left the movie.  

But horror movie fans seem undeterred by the fact that audience members left the movie, it’s actually making them want to see it more. 

As one person on Twitter put it the movie is now a "must see" because of the walkouts. 

The House That Jack Built is set to be released the in fall of this year in Canada. 

You can check out the trailer for it below, be warned though it’s pretty messed up. 


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