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Lena Dunham Is In Hot Water For Posing With #TimesUp Supporters After Ignoring The Cause For Months

Lena Dunham drama... again.

Lena Dunham has no shortage of scandals under her belt. From her Twitter rants to her backwards idea of feminism in the eyes of many, people either love her or hate her. Though when it comes to the #TimesUp campaign you would have thought that she would have been all over the campaign considering how much she markets herself as a feminist. Instead, she had been radio silent, until show day. 

On #TimesUp's biggest day, The Golden Globes, the actresses and people of Hollywood who directly contributed and helped bring the campaign to light all celebrated a successful protest. That protest being the call for actors and actresses alike to arrive to the show in black as well as a pin that said "Times Up" on it, nearly everyone apart from 4 people wore black and showed their support. 

While Lena did wear black to the Globes, she played zero part in the actual process of building up and developing the #TimesUp campaign. So it was definitely awkward when she showed up and posed for a photo that was supposed to feature all the women in Hollywood who were directly helping with the campaign. Other people in the photo ranged from Reese Witherspoon to Emilia Clarke. 

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Turns out it wasn't just fans who were a little annoyed at Dunham's decision to suddenly start to support the cause when it became convenient for her. As one actress, Tessa Thompson, who directly helped with #TimesUp quickly took to Instagram to make everyone aware that Lena Dunham was definitely NOT quietly helping in the background, she wasn't even remotely involved in the movement: 

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The star was nothing but graceful in her response but definitely, put Lena Dunham in her place. Thompson also seemed to hint that maybe Dunham is in need of some re-education, which wouldn't be the first time that somebody has criticized the actor's idea of what feminism is. While Lena hasn't commented on the matter yet, let's be real, it's Lena Dunham, expect a Twitter rant from her as soon as she finds out about this. 

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