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This Conspiracy Theory About Kylie Jenner's Latest Magazine Cover Will Blow Your Mind

Twitter is going crazy!

It's no secret that Kylie Jenner is pregnant. Probably. 

The 20-year-old lip-kit mogul and her family have yet to announce anything and most likely won't for a while. Even though sister Khloé Kardashian just confirmed her pregnancy and showed off her new baby belly, Kylie Jenner has remained tight lipped about the rumours surrounding her and her fertility.  

Judging by the lack of paparazzi photos and below-the-face snaps, Kylie Jenner hasn't left the house in three months – or since her pregnancy news leaked. She was even mysteriously missing from the Kardashian Christmas card. What she did do, though, was bless us with a recent magazine interview. 

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While a cover shoot usually spills the beans on what's currently going on in a celebrity's life, it's not the topic of this interview with Love Magazine that has Twitter rife with conspiracy theories. Of course, there's some very noticeable belly evasion happening, but it's who put the shoot together that is causing buzz across social media. 

According to Kylie Jenner herself, sister Kendall took the photos, Kylie did her own makeup and Mama Kris did the interview. What's that you say? No professional photographers? No journalists? Just a good 'ol family interview on a private set. No one else was around to see a pregnant Kylie. 

The only person outside of Kylie's immediate family who worked on set, according to reports, was Andrew Fitzsimons, the family's hairstylist who has also worked with Khloe while she was still keeping her pregnancy under wraps.

If that's not confirmation that the rumours are true, nothing is. 

But as always with Kardashian news, we'll hear it when the Klan is ready. If Kylie wanted us to know whether or not she was pregnant, there's no doubting momager Kris has TMZ on speed dial to let the world know.

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