2018 was definitely a year that was full of crazy ups and downs. There were all kinds of strange celebrity breakups and makeups, political drama, new music and movies, and of course... YouTuber drama.

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If any of you remember, 2018 was a time when the names Jake and Logan Paul got tossed around frequently, and very rarely for complimentary reasons. The two brothers have a massive following, but rather than use their social influence to do something good, they usually choose to act like total d*ckheads, just for the clout.

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I think that secretly we were all hoping that these two would leave their shenanigans in 2018, but that simply couldn't be the case. It's only eight days into 2019, and Jake Paul has already found himself in hot water again, this time for participating in something called "The Bird Box Challenge".

If you're not familiar, essentially what this "challenge" entails is blindfolding yourself (like the characters in the popular Netflix film Birdbox) and attempting to complete regular daily tasks. Most people to attempt the challenge are doing semi-normal things, like walking around their house, or at least staying in a controlled environment.

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Jake Paul had to take it one step too far of course, and attempted to run through traffic while blindfolded, all for the sake of a few likes on his video. Paul decided to stay blindfolded for a total of 24 hours, just to up the ante on the challenge. Funnily enough, it wasn't almost getting hit by cars that urged him to stop - it was walking into a freezing pond that set him off.

The video comes after Netflix issued a warning to its users that the Birdbox Challenge isn't safe, and shouldn't be tried at home. Are we surprised that Jake Paul didn't listen? Not at all. If you want to check out the whole video, you can here:

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