This Is Exactly How Much Kim Kardashian's Perfume Made In Just 4 Days And Uh, Wow

Money moves.

While Kylie Jenner has been racking up the views on YouTube with her pregnancy reveal video, her older sister Kim Kardashian, 37, has been raking in the mullah from her newly released Kimoji fragrances.

Even without the use of traditional marketing and advertisement methods, Kim has managed to make a killing with her perfumes through her social media presence - not surprising.

During the weeks upcoming to the launch of her perfume, she heavily promoted her fragrances BAE, BFF and Ride Or Die on her Instagram and Twitter. She even created a hell of a buzz by sending her Kimoji fragrances to her haters.

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With her crazy social media following and hardly having to drop a penny on promotion, Kim Kardashian's adorable heart perfumes sold out within the first four days and made a whopping $10 million according to the Daily Mail.

Uhm, wow.

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Kim's fragrances went for $30 per bottle. Having sold over 300,000 of those bottles, it's no mystery how Keeks made the mullah.

Source: The Daily Mail UK

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