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This Major Clue Might Mean The Jonas Brothers Are Getting Back Together


Since their devastating split in 2013, The Jonas Brothers have left their fans to mourn the loss of a great American family band. While Nick and Joe have continued their musical careers both with solo projects and the rise of Joe's band D.N.C.E, Kevin has remained absent from the music industry focusing on his wife and growing family. 

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The Jonas Brother's Instagram account has been inactive for 5 whole years, with their last post hitting the internet in July of 2013. The account itself was deactivated and has been out of commission since the band parted ways. That is, until last night...

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Dedicated Jonas Brothers fans noticed that the band's Instagram had suddenly reappeared. Fans were both thrilled and confused at the account's revival and soon began to speculate as to whether the band would revive itself, too. 

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Fans all over the Twitterverse are more than ready for this family reunion. If they weren't planning on reuniting, I suggest they consider it. Think of the JoBros 2018 TSHIRTS. 

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