Hey 'Stranger Things' Fans, You Can Get Hopper To Officiate Your Wedding And It Won't Cost You Anything

Stranger things have happened!

A teen once asked via Twitter if Stranger Things star David Harbour would take her senior portraits with her. Harbour said that she would grant her request for 25,000 retweets. The tweet surpassed it's goal, clocking in at 30,000+, resulting in some of the best senior portraits of all time.

Well, the internet is back at it again, this time asking Harbour to officiate a wedding. Harbour made the goal much steeper this time - requesting 125,000 retweets. Not only will he officiate, but he'll also get the first piece of wedding cake to himself. 

The tweet got over 135,000 retweets in less than 24 hours causing Harbour to cave and DM the user for her wedding info. 

Internet, you are incredible. What will you make David Harbour do next?! 

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