There is a new series coming to Netflix this August and it looks even darker than Riverdale. The show, Insatiable, follows the life of a teenager who is bullied in high school but then gets a huge makeover and takes revenge on literally everybody. 

Even though the trailer was just released yesterday the show is already getting some serious backlash. 

At the beginning of the story the main character, who is played by Debby Ryan, is introduced as Fatty Patty, a plus size teenager who is bullied relentlessly in school. Then due to some kind of accident and a summer of not eating she drops a bunch of weight and returns to school as super hot and now wildly popular. 

People online are calling out this narrative for some serious fat shaming on Twitter and they have a lot to say about it. 

People are saying that the movie fat-shames Patty and plays into the narrative that you will only be popular in school or life if you fit societies "ideal" beauty standards. 

They also point out that this isn't new either, in fact, people being portrayed as fat and ugly then undergoing some great transformation to become popular has been going in movies forever. The problem is that it's still happening in 2018. 

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One of the show's starts, Alyssa Milano jumped into the conversation on Twitter attempting to defend the series saying that the show isn't fat shaming Patty, but is instead showing the damage that fat shaming can do. 

Alyssa was specifically called out for her role in the series since she is was seen as a champion of the Women's Movement by starting the #MeToo campaign. 

The series premieres exclusively on Netflix on August 10.

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