Ever since Kylie Jenner gave birth to her beautiful baby daughter, Stormi, the internet has been going crazy. Kylie has slowly but surely been posting pictures of herself, her daughter and even some crazy gifts that she received after giving birth. Travis Scott, on the other hand, has been incredibly silent.

Apart from gifting Kylie a ridiculously expensive "push present", Scott hasn't actually posted much after they gave birth to their baby girl - until today! Travis took a second to Snapchat an adorable picture that proves he's playing up his role as Stormi's father.

Sources have been reporting that Scott hasn't been as hands-on as Kylie has been as Stormi's parent but we think that this Snapchat picture proves he's there, whether we know it or not.

Via Snapchat / Travis Scott

We're literally swooning over this adorable pic. Maybe Stormi's first word will be "daddy"? Either way, we're happy to see that Travis is loving fatherhood! It's clear that Travis is happy spending time with his little girl and we're all about that!

Hopefully, the happy parents will stop teasing us and actually post a full picture of the little baby soon! We're all so curious to see little Stormi!

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