While we're over here wondering what will happen between Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods, apparently, the person that's hurting the least is the ever-so-famous Tristan Thompson. While he has cheated on Khloe Kardashian multiple times now, this last time was the most hurtful, and he's going to live life normally. Tristan Thompson apparently does not care that he hurt Khloe Kardashian, and we're not surprised at all. 

Who else rolled their eyes? Tristan... out of all people... you SHOULD care. Anyways. According to Us Weekly, a source told them a few things. The source said, "Tristan isn’t too worried about not seeing True, or Khloé establishing new rules when it comes to co-parenting. He honestly doesn’t really care and was over it. He was never trying to win Khloé back.” Oh, really? That wasn't obvious. 

I just can't imagine what Kylie and Khloe are going through right now. And I don't think we should really care what Tristan is doing or how he is doing. Tristan definitely showed his true colours when he cheated on Khloe a few days before giving birth to baby True, and he showed them again, but this time, so did Jordyn. 

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It seems like Tristan isn't bugged by any of this, while Jordyn's world has been turned upside down. The whole Kardashian family is cutting her out, and Kylie is included in that. However, she gained Instagram followers from this, so if that really matters... then good for her I guess. 

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As for Khloe? Well, we all know she can do better. Apparently, Khloe is staying strong but is mostly blindsided by Jordyn. While we're not entirely sure how Kylie is handling this, I'm assuming not good. I guess we'll have to see on the next season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians or wait until one of them spills the tea. 

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