Tristan Thompson can't seem to keep his cool. Ever since photos and videos surfaced online last month showing Tristan cheating on his very pregnant girlfriend, Khloe Kardashian, Tristan has become the centre of attention when it comes to the media.

Reports revealed that up until the day that Khloe Kardashian actually gave birth to their baby True Thompson, Tristan was allegedly cheating during her entire pregnancy.

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Even though Tristan is now mostly known for his cheating scandals and his relationship with Khloe Kardashian, he's actually a successful basketball player. 

Tristan plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers, who are currently playing in the NBA finals. When he was recently interviewed by sports reporters about his latest game, he definitely lost his cool.

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The interview came after his team lost game two of the NBA finals to the Golden State Warriors on Sunday, June 3rd. 

A reporter asked Tristan if he felt "helpless" guarding Stephen Curry, one of the best players on the Golden State Warriors' team.

Tristan candidly responded, "No, [what] the f***. No." He tried to recover from his very blunt response by saying, "We did a good job. When I'm switching on him, i'm guarding him. I am never helpless with no guy in the NBA." 

He then said, "Next question." because he was obviously frazzled by the first question, but then quickly decided he wasn't going to answer any more questions. He literally stormed off during the interview. 

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