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Twitter Users Are Unsatisfied With Gucci's Apology For Releasing A Blackface Sweater

The offensive sweater was posted on the Gucci site during Black History Month.

Although most of us can't afford the luxury of shopping at Gucci, it can still be fun to look through their website from time to time and dream of what you might be able to add to your wardrobe one day. Recently though, it came to some online shopper's attention that Gucci had added some... Questionable merchandise to their website. After going viral, Twitter users are unsatisfied with Gucci's apology for releasing a blackface sweater.

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As you can see, the sweater was worn by a white model, pulled up over her nose to cover the majority of her face. Seeing as winter is here, and it has been quite cold, it might be understandable that Gucci was trying to keep their customers warm. However, there's also a large red border outlining the lips, which could easily be mistaken to represent a second mouth. Without a doubt, this sweater is easily interpreted as a form of blackface.

As if the design of the sweater isn't bad enough, the timing of its release couldn't be worse. The month of February is widely known as Black History Month - a time dedicated to celebrating the black culture all around the world. Dealing with hate crimes is hard at any time, but for Gucci to release something like this right now seems particularly insensitive. Many people took to Twitter to weigh in, including Piers Morgan:

From the angered tweets, it's obvious to see that people aren't taking the situation lightly, and they definitely aren't accepting Gucci's apology yet. The item was retailing online and in store for $890 but has since been removed from all Gucci websites and locations.

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