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Two Twitter Users Just Ended The Debate Around Justin Trudeau's Fake Eyebrows

Are his eyebrows fake news?

As most people know by now, things at the G7 Summit last week got pretty heated. Canada is now in the midst of a weird trade war with the US and Donald Trump keeps going in on our Prime Minister. 

But another bit of conspiracy that is circulating from the summit is whether or not Justin Trudeau has fake eyebrows. The theory comes from this video where Justin's left brow seems to be slipping. 

The incident took place during a talk Trudeau gave with French leader, Emmanuel Marcon. As he is speaking his eyebrow appears to fall below his actual brow bone and sit at a weird angle. 

There are a number of theories and reasons for this happening. It could just be shadows, lighting, or maybe is eyebrows are honestly fake and literally fell off his face. Majority of people on the internet are convinced it's that last theory that Trudeau's eyebrows are in fact fake. 

The incident has lead to what the internet is calling Eyebrowgate. The internet has not disappointed in their responses either. Many making jokes that having to deal with President Trump caused Trudeau to sweat his eyebrows right off. 

A mock Twitter account called Trudeau's Eyebrows has even popped up online. 

Now while all the speculation has been hilarious, there are two online geniuses that debunked eyebrow gate in some seriously accurate tweets. @iD4RO and @cdbcraig let the world know that no Justin Trudeau wasn't wearing fake brows but instead has normal brows that were subjected to poor lighting that caused a shadow which made it appear that his eyebrows are falling off. 

So sadly all the fanfare around Trudeau's brows have been #fakenews. Butin a time of trade wars, tariffs, and scary economic futures, it's nice that there is something we can genuinely laugh at from the G7 summit. 

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