Kylie practically broke the internet last weekend when she threw an all-out party for her daughter Stormi's second birthday. While most kids get a bounce house or go to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate, this lucky toddler got a huge pop-up amusement park named in her honor. While some see it as a totally sweet mom move, others aren't so sure. Since Stormi technically owns 'her own' makeup line now, Stormi World 2 could actually be used for a huge company tax write off. 

Or at least, it seems some Twitter users are speculating about it all.

The guest list this year included high-profile celebs like Kendall's bestie Hailey Bieber, Chrissy Teigen, John Legend, and Luna, and of course, Kylie's ex and Stormi's dad, Travis Scott

Guests arriving walked through a giant blow-up tent of her the toddler's giant, smiling face and on to explore various party worlds.

Think a gigantic troll room, Frozen world, plenty of carnival rides, a giant glow-in-the-dark ball pit and even a claw machine full of plush Stormi-themed faces guests could take home.

Some fans absolutely loved the grand gesture. One fan even said, "Me looking through @KylieJenner’s IG Story. I act like I’m okay but deep down I wish I was Stormi 😩🤣 #Stormiworld."

Tbh, we can't blame her. From the looks of Kendall Jenner's sweet ride, it appears like even the adults at the party are having the time of their lives.

Other Twitter users had mixed reactions about it all. One asked, "Do u think Kylie can write stormi world off on tax because it’s promoting her new beauty line?" 

Another person wrote, "*shows bf insta story of the atrocity that was Kylie Jenner’s #StormiWorld* BF: 'yeaaaa...they need to be taxed.*'"

And somewhere in the middle, there were people cracking hilarious jokes about the whole thing.

And we can't help but laugh at this one...

Whatever your take on Stormi World 2 was, it seems like a whole lot of fun. But there's no doubt that it came with quite the price tag.

TMZ reported Jenner and Travis Scott shelled out at least $100,000 for Stormi World 1 last year. They went above and beyond, renting out the whole backlot of Universal Studios to create 'Stormiworld.' 

This year, they made the bash even bigger. After all "2 is better than 1."

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