The Sunshine State might gain a new resident soon β€”and you might just know his name. Aaron Carter recently went live on his social media, talking to his fans and expressing interest in moving to Florida. Oh, Aaron.

During the stream, mainly focused on his breakup with Melanie Martin, Carter suggested leaving his California lifestyle for one on the east coast. Though, he said if he did, he wouldn't sell his Cali home.

"I'm not selling this house, I'm keeping it as a rental." He added that he would keep it furnished. "And I'm moving somewhere else, probably Florida."

But where in Florida? One of the places he mentioned was the Miami, Coconut Grove area.

The live stream is no longer available on his personal profile, but portions of it have been uploaded to YouTube

If he pulls through on the claims, this wouldn't be his first Florida-livin' rodeo. The I Want Candy hit singer was actually born and raised in Tampa, Florida.

He even seems to be proud of his Sunshine State roots, captioning his most recent Instagram upload with, "Don’t f*** with Florida boys we’ll pull up on quads With goons."

This isn't the first instance Carter has brought up the possibility of moving away from California, though.

In October or 2019, the '90s star claimed to have purchased a home in Nova Scotia. Which was also briefly mentioned in his live stream. 

He said he could "go to his other home in Nova Scotia," but he said he would have to wait "six months and pay $75,000 to live in Canada."

Currently, Carter is still in Cali, but who knows where he might actually end up next. 

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