It’s no secret that Miami is a hotspot for celebrity sightings. Besides the typical expensive restaurants and hotels, famous faces can be spotted simply walking along the street or lounging on the beach. In what can easily be considered the New York of Florida, it’s no wonder Miami gets so much love from celebrities. Recently, Pharrell Williams, Paul Pogba, who has also been seen at a recent Heat game, and Jimmy Butler were seen hanging out at one of Dave Grumman’s restaurants.

Star power in the form of elite athletes and musical sensations gathered at The Swan in Miami, and, as Paul Pogba wrote, it was a meeting of legends.

The Swan can be found in the Miami Design District, a chic spot offering modern European cuisine, with a vast bar and floral interior. The three celebrities were seen dressed casually cool, conversing among the garden-like interior.

Pogba and Butler have been friends for a while now and have been spotted at each other’s games. Recently, Pogba, who is recovering from an ankle injury, stopped by Miami and was seen at the latest game of the Heat against the Pelicans.

After the Heat’s killer win of 109-94 over the Pelicans, it could be speculated that a few celebratory drinks were shared between the Frenchman and his basketball pal, with Pharrell summarizing the night simply as “MIAMI.”

Dave Grutman himself got in the action, grabbing a photo with the three before they made their depature for the night.

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