It is no secret that Doctor-Sherrif Deputy-Shaq is a man of many talents. From playing ball to DJing at large festivals —and almost everything in between— he really knows how to keep things interesting. In the midst of all the at-home concerts, Shaquille O'Neal just had to join in on the fun. The short clip he posted on Instagram yesterday is probably the excitement you needed this morning, and will definitely put a smile on your face. 

The post captioned "Don’t be down. Be safe love yall. Oneal boys kitchen concert," was uploaded to his Instagram less than 12 hours ago. It features Shaq in the kitchen on the decks, surrounded by his "onlookers" —including his sons— who appear to be about 6-feet away and having an absolute blast. 

Everyone, including O'Neal was dancing to the beat. As with any good EDM show, things got progressively more exciting after the beat drop. 

The one-minute 39-second video has been viewed already over 3 million times, and some of the biggest DJs in the electronic dance music scene have made sure to comment.

"Yes bro!!!!!!! 💪💪💪💪🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥," fellow DJ Steve Aoki commented. 

If you want to watch it, make sure your sound is turned up for the full effect. 

The Florida native is no stranger to posting comedic videos, and his fans seem to absolutely love them. 

He recently posted a Lysol Challenge video, which features him spraying himself with —you guessed it— Lysol. "Everybody be safe love y’all #LYSOLCHALLENGE," the caption reads. 

What a showman. 

While you are waiting for O'Neal to get back on the decks so you can enjoy his energetic personality in person too, you will have to resort to watching replays of his previous sets or keeping a close eye on his social media for any more virtual concerts.

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