If you're accustomed to not going out on a Monday night, you might want to reconsider your decision. Your excuse might be "I have work in the morning," but what could've awaited you at one local Atlanta club is much bigger than a missed day at work. Russ was spotted at Club Crucial on Monday and made it rain, $40,000 to be exact. 

At Club Crucial, there wasn't a dancer in sight. All that money flowed right from the balcony to the pockets of everyone who wanted to start their week turnt up. 

The 26-year-old rapper faced backlash from social media after video was released of him and his team throwing all that cash. DJ Akademiks posted the original clip, and his page was flooded with everything from goat emojis to people criticizing Russ for showing off in this mianner. 

In a now-deleted comment, Hot New Hip Hop reported that Russ said, "... Believe it or not you can give back and take care of everyone around you and still have 40K to have fun with your hard earned money. If you can’t relate, don’t comment. Just pray 🤣🤣🤣"

The most tea-worthy exchange came between him and one critic. 

Russ is Atlanta born and bred, so you'll likely see him in various nightclubs in the city. He's been spotted at popular night clubs including Club Bankhead and Magic City.

Whatever you might think of him, we're sure the crowd that left with their pockets stuffed aren't complaining. Fingers crossed that he makes it rain wherever he goes. We need it, no cap

Atlanta is crawling with rap stars and singers, so if you don't run into Russ, you might come across 6lack.

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