Watch This Guy Lose His Sh*t After Spotting 'Cash Me Outside' Danielle Bregoli In Toronto (VIDEO) - Narcity

Watch This Guy Lose His Sh*t After Spotting 'Cash Me Outside' Danielle Bregoli In Toronto (VIDEO)

This fan has no shame, and we absolutely love him for it.

We wish someone would look at us the way this guy did when he saw Danielle Bregoli, a.k.a. Bhad Bhabie, in Toronto yesterday. Danielle arrived in Toronto on Sunday for her performance at The Mod Club. The show was one of 25 stops on her worldwide tour, "BHANNED IN THE USA."

In a video captured on Snapchat, a young man can be seen plastered against the glass window of a restaurant in downtown Toronto, staring shamelessly at Bregoli while she's sitting at her table with friends.

Via @6ixbuzztv, Instagram

At first, the excited fan takes out his phone and points it at Bregoli, screaming "Oh my God!" over and over again. That's when he got completely overwhelmed and had to walk away, still screaming and holding his hand to his chest.

The video cuts ahead to another clip of the young man, still standing outside the restaurant trying to compose himself. He walks back to the window to get another look, drops to the floor, then pops back up and starts dancing and waving his arms.

Via @6ixbuzztv, Instagram

Danielle's friends can be heard laughing hysterically in the background. The camera pans over to a close-up of Danielle's face. She looks pretty flushed and uncomfortable. 

The caption of the Snapchat video reads, "Yes it's me" with three laughing emojis, and "Just to get a picture." The guy filming the video says, "This is the craziest sh*t I've ever seen in my life." We don't disagree.

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When the video got posted to Instagram, haters instantly flooded the comments section with mean messages directed at the excited fan, and at Danielle Bregoli. "that man holding the biggest L of the year," one user said, "No wonder stupid people be famous."

To watch the full video, click here

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