Many of us out there have been accused of having RBF - aka resting bitch face. Urban Dictionary describes the phenomenon as, "a person, usually a girl, who naturally looks mean when her face is expressionless, without meaning to".

RBF girls are considered intimidating, bitchy, or pissed when truthfully they might end up being the nicest girl you know. It's a situation out of their control and usually met with comments like smile more, are you okay, what's wrong, and variations of all of those combined. 

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However, there's a new face condition on the block and it's pretty freaking hilarious. For all those girls out there who are permanently happy, who's faces are stuck in a smile, and seem to wear their general excitement for life on our face... you my friend have golden retriever face (GFR). 

For all our golden retriever face friends out there, it's not the end of the world. I mean who doesn't love golden retrievers? They're always content and calm, but also excited. Even when our fave pooch is just hanging out doing nothing, it’s still grinning and happy.

Some downsides to having GRF is simply that people think that you're ditzy, passive, childlike, or easy to fuck with. Also, sometimes always looking happy can get you in trouble. People always think you're flirting with them, you get stopped on the street when you're in a rush or running late, and people might think you're not taking things seriously. 

However, some positives to GRF is that you don’t look mean, menacing, or even moderately rude. Strangers have no issues coming up to say hi, ask for directions or share cute pics of their grandkids. You've always been able to attract new friends, win at job interviews, and score free drinks wherever you go. SO all in all, I'd say the perks are well worth it. 

Here are some of our favourite celeb golden retriever faces

via @selenagomez

via @kristenanniebell

via @freidapinto

via @rachelmcadams

via @halleberry

via @blakelively

via @lupitanyongo_

And a few pics of some golden retrievers, just 'cause. 

Source: Total Sorority Move

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