Even if you know absolutely nothing about the Kardashians, chances are very good that you're aware of this one thing. Over the years, the sisters have been linked to many athletes. Khloe was married to basketball star Lamar Odom, Kim (very briefly) married Kris Humphries, and the list goes on and on. So, which athletes has Kendall Jenner dated? The model cleared up rumours on Twitter today, July 16.

For quite some time, Jenner was linked to Australian 76ers player, Ben Simmons. The two quietly split a few weeks back. Ironically enough though, the split came shortly after Jenner spoke publicly about the potential of marrying him.

In the past, Jenner has also been romantically linked to Blake Griffin of the Detroit Pistons, Jordan Clarkson of the Cleveland Cavaliers, D'Angelo Russell of the Golden State Warriors, and most recently, Kyle Kuzma of the LA Lakers.

As of late, tweets listing the NBA players that Jenner has been affiliated with have been making the rounds - but today, the model took it upon herself to set the record straight.

The reality TV star confirmed that she's only dated two of the athletes included in the tweet, although she didn't actually go so far as to confirm WHICH ones are accurate.

Whenever a member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan does anything online, people always have something to say about it. This was no exception. People are leaving the most hilarious replies under Jenner's tweet:

Jenner has yet to make any further comments towards the Twitter trolls. Knowing her generally quiet and lowkey nature, we doubt she'll entertain them any further.

Simmons is definitely one of Jenner's confirmed ex-boyfriends, and it's safe to say that the second is Griffin, who was linked to her back in 2017. The other players on the list have either only briefly been spotted with the model, or rumoured to be dating her with no photo evidence.

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