Who These Celebs Dated Before They Were Famous Vs. Who They're Dating Now

Can you say glow up?!

Alright, if you're into celebrity gossip, especially who they're dating, who they have dated and why they broke up, then you'll thank me later. We tend to focus on the recent gossip like Selena and Justin and even go as far as gossiping about who Prince Harry is dating, but we usually always forget about who they dated before. Besides Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. I won't ever get over that breakup.

There once was a time that celebrities were just struggling actors or singers, and they found each other that way. I swear, in Hollywood, you're not allowed to date people who don't have some kind of connection to the celeb world. Maybe it's the Illuminati? Don't get me started.

Now that all of these celebrities are even more famous, you'll definitely recognize their exes that they dated before you could even name both of them. Whether their choice now is a downgrade or upgrade, it's still hilarious that some of these people even dated. Let's just say Justin Timberlake's taste definitely got better.

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