The death of Flordia rapper XXXTentacion has understandably shaken up many in the rap scene these past 24-hours. Found dead in his car while leaving a motorcycle dealership, there is much that is still unknown about the 21-year-olds death. 

While his large and devoted fanbase has been collecting online to express shock, anger, confusion and condolence there is also another conversation happening around XXXTentacion. 

That is the artist's darker thoughts on death, suicide, and depression.  

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Some of XXXTentacion's final words were about him dying young, he has also made public statements about people not caring until it's too late, on not putting yourself or your worth into relationships because people let you down and of course his now infamous song SAD which tackles thoughts on depression and suicide that stem from a break up and loss. 

Some of the lyrics from SAD read: "I gave her everything/ she took my heart and left me lonely/ I've been broken, heart's contentious/ I won't fix, I'd rather weep/ I'm lost and I'm found/ It's torture being in love  

His now infamous hook goes: Who am I? Someone that's afraid to let go uh,/  You decide, if you're ever gonna, let me know/ Suicide, if you ever try to let me go, uh/ I'm sad and low, yeah 

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SAD and its emotional lyrics have resonated with those who loved XXX and those who have just discovered his music. The song has charted at #1 as the news of his death has been publicized. 

Many recognize that while young and controversial - he was someone who had a message in his work and didn't shy away from tough topics. 

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