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You Are Not Going To Believe Who Prince Harry And Meghan Requested To Have Perform At Their Wedding

OMG what?!?!

Weddings often come with a ton of excitement and curiosity as to what the bride will wear, what the event will be like and where the venue is. Though royal weddings especially keep the entire world on its toes wondering up until the event what exactly will go down. Though details have been spilt about one major request that both Prince Harry and Meghan had in regards to a performer coming to play at their wedding. Of course, as a royal and royal-to-be, their request was nothing less than your favourite A-lister.

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According to ET Online, none other than Ed Sheeran, as in the dude who's song has probably played at 99% of the weddings held in the past 2 years, was asked by Harry and Meghan to play a few songs at their wedding on May 19th. Yea- just casually having their first dance to 'Perfect' like your great aunt and her new husband did last Spring except Ed Sheeran is actually in the room playing it live.

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To make matters even more exciting, when asked if he would consider performing at the wedding during an interview, Ed's response was "yea, why not?" and this was before they had even asked. Maybe the queen is an avid reader of People and suggested the idea to Harry from there?

Regardless of where the idea came from, it's basically a general consensus across the globe that having Ed Sheeran (aka the current king of wedding songs right now) play live at your wedding is the coolest thing ever. So at this point we're more jealous of the Harry and Meghan love story than ever. Unfortunately no, we highly doubt that part of the wedding will be broadcast to the world considering we'll only catch the ceremony. Though if you really want to get the true *~experience~* maybe just listen to the Divide album and imagine it for yourself on the big day?

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