Even if you don't watch YouTube, you've probably heard the name Jake Paul or Team Ten. He is definitely one of the most well-known Vloggers on YouTube. He has a home called the "Team Ten" house where he invites other successful YouTubers to live in his home so they can create content together. His success was so incredible that at one point he had hundreds of people showing up at his home in Los Angeles. 

Last year, Jake and his brother Logan Paul were at the center of multiple scandals which dented their reputations. Logan was at the center of the Suicide Forest scandal and Jake was on the news for trashing his "Team Ten" house in LA. 

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There was one interview
that went viral during the height of his success. He was being interviewed by KTLA for attracting mobs of kids at his home. Other homeowners were complaining about Jake's presence in the neighbourhood. 

In his videos, he openly displayed his address which caused groups of fans to mob the famous YouTuber's home. 

In the video above, you can see that Jake centers a lot of his YouTube videos on pranks, destroying things and setting parts of his home on fire...

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So it's no surprise that he is now being sued in regards to those pranks. According to TMZ, Jake is being sued by Cobra Acquisitions, LLC for 2.5 million dollars. This is the company that owns the house that Jake rented from them back in 2016.

According to reports, he left the house completely in shambles and now they're suing. He reportedly rented the LA home from May 2016 to December 2017 for $17,495 per month! 

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He allegedly left burn marks in the pool, the landscaping was ruined and the cabinets were left broken. Oh, and we're sure there were a lot more damages that haven't been disclosed yet. He did pay a $40,000 security deposit, but they believe that the damages are worth way more than that.

Cobra Acquisitions are also stating that when they allowed Jake to move in, they were not made aware of his "line of work" and that they would be renting to someone who is notorious for causing trouble. 

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