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Youtuber Logan Paul Says He Deserves A Second Chance After Suicide Forest Disaster


Logan Paul went from successful chidren's YouTube star to globally disgraced human being in the course of 24 hours. If Paul's name isn't enough to jog your memory, he was the one who infamously filmed a dead man in Japan's Suicide Forest...and them uploaded it on YouTube for his young audience to see. 

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Paul received international backlash from celebrities, fans, and concerned consumers of content. The Japanese people were disgusted and horrified, as were the rest of the world, at this blatant act of exploitation to gain attention and views. Many criticized Paul's selfishness and complete lack of morality and ethics, as he did not once consider the gravity of his actions in the filming, editing and uploading process. 

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Paul has since been removed from a YouTube original series and was extracted from Google Preferred, an elite group of channels that includes the top 5% of YouTube videos. Google Preferred will no longer collect Paul's multi-million subscriber channels and send them to advertisers, stripping away a huge part of his revenue. 

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TMZ caught up with Logan Paul at LAX and asked him a series of questions about recent events. Paul believes he's been treated fairly by the public and promises an apology coming to YouTube very soon. When asked what he's doing for money now, Paul gestured to his Maverick-branded merchandise - the clothing line created by Paul and sported by his millions of fans. When asked if he thinks he deserves another chance, he responded, "Everyone deserves a second chance bro."

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