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Zac Efron Just Revealed His New Hair Style On Instagram And Fans Seriously Hate It

The heart throb is almost unrecognizable.

For many people, Zac Efron is the original celebrity crush. During his Disney debut playing Troy Bolton in High School Musical over 12 years ago, Efron became a teen heartthrob overnight. 

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As much as we love our blue-eyed Efron, his most recent Instagram post debuted a hairstyle that fans are not necessarily in love with. The black and white photo shows Efron with a full head of dreads with the caption reading "just for fun." 

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The new look isn't the first time Efron's been criticized for changing up his style, like earlier this year when he shocked fans with bleached tips and striped facial hair for an upcoming movie with Matthew McConaughey. 

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Yet fans are unhappy with Efron for more than just looks. Many believe that the dreadlocks are a sign of cultural appropriation, meaning that he's overstepping on other peoples culture. 

Traditionally, dreads are formed by braiding and matting ones hair to form long ropelike strands. Many African ethnic groups wear this hairstyle, as well as Indigenous Australians. It's also regularly associated with Rastafarian culture, Buddhism and Hinduism. 

Some other fans have made some hilarious comparisons to a photo of Efron from his youth or just poked fun at this seriously wild look from the actor. 

We think it's safe to say that until Efron gets his next haircut many people won't be swooning over him. 

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