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The Government Has Issued New Hurricane Season Travel Advisory For Canadians Travellers

Stay informed, travellers!
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The Government Has Issued New Hurricane Season Travel Advisory For Canadians Travellers

With summer just around the corner, the government has issued a hurricane season travel warning for Canadian travellers. Before you pack up your bags to go on vacation, make sure that you've read the government's latest advisory concerning hurricane season.

On Monday, May 27, the Government of Canada released "Advice for Canadians" in regards to hurricane season when travelling.

The travel advisory states that hurricane season begins in mid-May and lasts until November, which means that travelling Canadians could be hindered by the severe weather conditions. This is something that all Canadians should take into consideration when booking trips or travelling throughout the next several months. 

Hurricane season can see typhoons, cyclones, monsoons and obviously hurricanes. The advisory states that the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America and the east and Gulf coasts of the United States are the most threatened areas for hurricanes.

If you do plan on taking trips to these areas or other areas that may be affected by hurricane season, here's what you should be prepared for. 

Severe weather that comes with hurricane season can cause serious damage which can cause harm or hinder your travel plans. 

If your trip is hindered by severe weather, it could be beneficial for you to carry your contact emergency information on yourself, leave copies of your travel documents with friends and family in Canada and to be prepared if your travel plans need to change due to weather.

It also doesn't hurt to purchase travel insurance in case you need to cancel your trip due to hurricane season.

Lastly, be sure to check the Government of Canada's travel advisories before leaving on your trips to stay informed on the ongoing state of the country you're travelling to.

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