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Governor McMaster Just Announced All South Carolina Schools Are Closed Until August

South Carolina is following in tow with neighboring states on school closures. Governor McMaster just announced all schools are closed for the remainder of the school year during a press conference in West Columbia on Wednesday, April 22. 

"Schools will not reopen but there will be flexibilities statewide for ideas for taking care of those who need special instruction or summer reading camps," says South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster. 

In March, the state closed public schools for the month due to the pandemic and began e-learning programs for students K-12.

With the extension of the closure, parents were encouraged to be more hands-on with children's learning guides throughout the summer and into August. 

"We got to keep our partnership between teacher and parent up really well," said Superintendent of Education Molly Spearman. "We thank parents and teachers for supporting us through this. We'll continue to support you with good ol' common sense policies."

She said there will be flexible structures going for the remainder of April including potentially allowing parent-teacher conferences to occur if both parties agree to have this meeting face-to-face while social distancing

For students who rely on school meals, Spearman informed that over five million meals have been prepared and delivered to local families. 

The plans for senior graduations have not been determined as of yet; however, Spearman stated that district leaders are able to create their own ideas to go about these ceremonies.

"We really need some good creative minds to come together to really think about the future," she said. 

Summer reading and math courses are still scheduled to continue, though how these classes will take place has not been determined.

Students will be receiving grades for their e-learning courses and assignments given by their teachers so Spearman urged students to take their work seriously to receive passing grades.

"It's been a burden, it's been sad, to see schools close, but it's been a joy to see how everyone has pulled together and worked together on this for the good of the children and that will remain our top priority."

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