It may have been over 2 years since the historic disaster that was Fyre Festival took place, but that doesn't mean that anyone's forgotten about it. After several documentaries were made about the event, and CEO Billy McFarland was sent to prison, news surrounding the scandal has definitely quieted down, but the festival's been trending again. Although it's probably not for the reason you might think. Governors Ball is being compared to Fyre Festival.

Over the past weekend, an annual music festival was set to take place in New York City - Governors Ball. This year's lineup included headliners like Tyler, the Creator, Florence + the Machine, and The Strokes, among other great artists. The festival has built up a great reputation over the past few years, but this year things didn't go as planned.

The first two days of the festival went as scheduled, but on Sunday, the last day, the celebrations came to a screeching halt. Due to impending thunderstorms, patrons were asked not to show up to Randall's Island Park until further notice. 

After some deliberation, it was decided that gates would be open at 6:30 p.m. and the shows for the day would be re-scheduled to later times. Although some people were relieved to hear the news, a lot of people were upset that they'd now have to choose between seeing their favourite artists, like The Strokes and SZA.

Before either act even got to take the stage though, patrons were asked to evacuate the park due to "severe weather conditions".

Although the situation at hand definitely wasn't anywhere near as bad as Fyre Festival, people are still comparing the two events, and are seriously outraged that they spent all day waiting in line, only to be asked to leave.

The Festival's Instagram page has since been bombarded with comments saying that the situation was handled incredibly unprofessionally, as well as people sharing their outrage about having traveled from far away just to see The Strokes perform.

Governors Ball has since announced that they'll be refunding those who purchased tickets for Sunday's shows over the next few weeks, which has calmed some angry people, although others are saying that they'll never purchase a ticket to the event again. For more information on refunds, check out the Gov Ball website