The Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City has got to be one of Michigan's most fun places to stay during the winter and this Groupon deal is going to make that stay even sweeter.

The insane deal gets you and your friends an amazing couple of days of fun. The deal offers a suite that sleeps up to six people for $99 and a waterpark fee of $30.

Divide that by six and it's a serious steal. That's about $22 each — heck to the yes!

Every person in the room gets the waterpark pass for the duration of your stay too. You're essentially getting two waterpark passes for free!

The cheapest availability is definitely during the week, but there are still some weekends available for $149 as well.

You can browse the calendar to see which days have the best deal and works best for your schedule.

The catch? The deal ends on December 19 and your stay must be booked for before February 10th. Make sure to book your dates ASAP to get the best deal possible. There must also be at least one guest over 21 staying in the room.

The Lodge is kept at 84-degrees all year round so it's the perfect spot to step out of the cold weather and into the balmy waters. 

The waterpark in the resort is the main attraction that includes several slides, a lazy river, and a bucket that tips out 1,000 gallons of water on the hour.

There are also five restaurants here so you can get some snacks and booze to accompany your time in the waterpark. 

The whole place is insanely fun and will make you forget you're in Michigan this winter.

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An overview of the deal can be found below. 

Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City 

Original price: $230 per night

Sale price: $22 per person if you have 6 people, $130 + tax total for the package.

When: Groupon deal ends on December 19. Reservations are available through February 10. 

Address: 3575 U.S. 31 North S, Traverse City, MI

Why You Need To Go: There's so much to do here for such a cheap price, and it's a great way to get a group of friends together for a weekend out of the cold!

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