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This Michigan Tulip Festival Will Transport You To An Enchanting Denmark Village

Frolick in the flowers this spring like the magical being you really are.

Just 30 minutes outside of Grand Rapids is a little town called Holland and during a particular week of May, it's more than worth the day trip. This tulip festival in western Michigan is consistently ranked to be one of the best events in the world. 

The Tulip Time Festival, which will be the 90th ever held, is happening between May 2 -10, 2020. There are several free attractions, including the garden club's flower exhibitions

The main attraction is, of course, the huge crop of tulips. You'll be surrounded by hundreds of thousands of tulips of all different colors. 

You can see a list of other free attractions and performances here

All of the tulip hot spots in the city are in this brochure. Make sure to check out the Windmill Island Gardens. It is the only authentic Dutch windmill still operating in the U.S. and the adorable pic you take there will be worth the visit. 

When you watch the tulips sway in the wind along with the rotating mill, you'll feel the peace that the Dutch settlers must have felt over 150 years ago. The town was settled by them that long ago and it has managed to keep so much of that original charm. 

You'll be able to see authentic Dutch performances from dancers and singers, along with a traditional marketplace that will take you back to the 19th century while filling you up with excellent food. 

There's so much going on during this festival that it's hard to even include it here. 

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Tulip Time Festival

Price: 💸💸

When: May 2 - 10, 2020

Address: 42 W. 8th St., HollandMI

Why You Need To Go: This festival is super unique to Michigan's culture and it's something you should definitely put on your bucket list if you're a Mitten native.