Alberta really does suffer from an embarrassment of riches when it comes to breathtaking natural scenery. At every corner, you can be sure to come upon an incredible landscape that will have you mesmerized. To be able to experience the bewitching emerald waters of Grassi Lakes Canmore, you only need to endure a short but steep hike. 

The closest town to Grassi Lakes is Canmore, A.B., which is nearly four hours away from Edmonton and just over an hour from Calgary. It's also just a short drive away from Banff.

Just past the Canmore Nordic Centre, you can take a left down a paved road, where you will eventually see a parking lot on the right. 

There are two trails that lead you to the lake, so depending on what you're feeling up to, you can pick the easier gravel route or a more challenging hiking trail. 

The easier trail will get you to the lake through a steady climb on a wide gravel path that is suitable for all levels of hikers.

So if you have a big group that wants to chat away effortlessly as you venture towards the lake, then this is the path to take.

The same goes for families with young children, elderly individuals or small dogs. Just take it easy — the beautiful body of water isn't going anywhere. 

The more challenging trail is absolutely worth it. It will take you along a lush, green forest where you will be able to feel one with nature.

You can also gaze at the beautiful mountain ranges lined along Canmore, as the hike starts at a high elevation.

It passes through the Lawrence Grassi Waterfall, so you'll have an extra scenic point to make your steep climb just a little more worthwhile. Waterfalls are always a treat for the senses. 

But note that the harder route is on a sharp incline, so you shouldn't do it if you have small children, a truckload of picnic food, or if you're just not particularly interested in an outdoor stair stepper. 

We also don't advise this route when it's snowy, as the snow and ice can make the trail treacherous. 

Once you reach the lakes, everything will be worth it as it's one glorious view to behold.

Both Upper and Lower Grassi Lakes are surrounded by massive rock walls that have become a favourite for rock-climbers. Alberta really has something for everyone

The photos speak for themselves. As you can see, the bodies of water are crystal clear, sometimes to the point where you can see the Rockies reflected upon them.

The soothing emerald waters, the regal snow-capped mountains at a distance, and the imposing grey cliffs all work together to give you a natural experience you won't be forgetting anytime soon. 

If the photos are this unbelievable, you can only imagine what the actual view must be like.  

Grassi Lakes

When: April-September

Address: Grassi Lakes, Canmore, AB

Why You Need To Go: You can experience the most soothing emerald green lakes and the beautiful mountains that surround them. 

We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit any location, you check the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. If you do plan to visit a location, respect the environment.