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There is no secret that Florida has some of the best beaches in the country. Routinely the state's shorelines grace the top of many of those annual "best beach" lists. This year, the Sunshine State has taken two slots, with Grayton Beach in Florida winning the best beach in America.

"This beach boasts of its sugar-white sand and emerald green water where development has been restrained so big sand dunes still dominate the landscape," Stephen Leatherman said.

"Many people choose to camp in this wonderful state park that also features tidal lakes and freshwater ponds. Former Governor Bob Graham told me that this was his favorite beach."

For the past 30 years, Leatherman, famously known as "Dr. Beach," has ranked the top 10 best beaches in the country (not to be confused with TripAdvisor's best beach list).

This year, Grayton Beach State Park has taken the prestigious honor, while Caladesi Island State Park came in 6th place.

"It's some of the finest white sand in the world," Dr. Beach said in an interview with the Associated Press. He continued to say that he felt like he had to put his sunglasses on the first time he laid eyes on the white sand.

There's a tree tunnel trail that leads visitors to the coast, covering them in a canopy of scrub oak before they emerge to the sugary white sand.

"It's that fine powdery sand that talks to you," Dave Rauschkolb, a resident who visits the beach, reportedly said.

Not only is the white sand from Grayton Beach State Park a sight to behold, but these emerald blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico are much calmer compared to the East Coast, making the surf more enjoyable. 

As scenic as this state park is, it's a hidden treasure that attracts between 500 to 1,000 beachgoers a day in the height of the summer season, according to AP.

With breathtaking views and crystal clear waters, it's no surprise that former Gov. Graham and Dr. Beach both rank this spot number one.

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