If you don’t think pet Instagram accounts are the best then we hate to break it to you but you’re wrong. There is nothing better than watching a pet's life through social media and some accounts have more followers than (human) celebrities. One very popular pet Instagram account is Great Grams Of Gary. If you didn’t’ know, Gary the cat is from Alberta and his account is literally everything we need right now. Be prepared to fall in love. 

Chances are, you follow some type of animal account on Instagram. Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. 

Animal Instagram accounts are a great way to break up your news feed and you can't help but smile when you see these adorable fur babies.

Great Grams of Gary is arguably one of the cutest and more enviable cat Instagram accounts ever to be created. 

While this cat is possibly one of the fluffiest things you’ll ever see, that's not what brought Gary fame. Gary was able to make a name for himself because he loves adventure. 

Gary, and his owner, managed to take time out of their busy day to participate in an exclusive interview with Narcity about his fame and we are so glad they did.

Gary is a five-year-old domestic longhair who lives in Canmore, Alberta. 

This Internet celebrity lives with his fellow cat Carl, dogs Marge and Duke, and his owner James Eastham. 

Back in 2018, Eastham noticed that his cat was different than others and decided to make this photogenic kitty an Instagram page. 

The entire page is filled with pictures of Gary doing exciting things like hiking, canoeing, snowmobiling, and paddleboarding. Some of his photos are even with his animal siblings. 

But this isn’t the only iconic part. Gary is also unique because he is always sporting his own red coat and goggles. 

We will give you a second to process that.   

Fans are obsessed with Gary’s fashion sense and according to his owner, most of his clothes are from the Banff Doghouse. This means that you can dress your own fur baby just like Gary. 

Without expecting it, Gary blew up. In fact, Gary’s owner was just using the account as a way to keep occupied while searching for a job in digital communications. 

While he may not be the most famous cat to grace the internet, Gary and his owner knew he was big when Youtuber MKBHD tweeted about him over the summer. 

Other than this obvious milestone, Gary has also been featured on Boredpanda and Unilad. So needless to say, he’s winning and doesn’t even know it.

Ever since then, his number of followers has been growing and his adventures have been continuing. 

As you may have noticed, Gary isn’t your typical house cat and loves being outside. 

Eastham first discovered Gary was one with the outdoors when he kept trying to escape from the front door of the house. He then decided to take things one step further and train Gary to walk on a leash. 

Shortly after, Gary moved to conquer mountains and paddleboards. He now camps regularly and loves it.

Out of everything Eastham and Gary do together, their favourite is paddling. As you can tell by the Instagram page, Gary is all about the water which is a little abnormal for a cat.

But there is nothing typical about Gary. 

To date, the iconic duo's most favourite trip has been a cat-skiing and “meowtaineering” trip that took place last summer. 

Since he loves climbing, this trip was the purr-fect fit. 

Gary and his owner would one day love to hit up the west coast of Canada and the Pacific Northwest.

No matter where you go Gary, we will follow.