There's something in the water. A gigantic Great White Shark near Florida is currently swimming close to shore off Daytona Beach, a popular tourist destination in the Sunshine State. If you're in the area, you might want to stick to sunbathing.

The shark was tagged by Ocearch, an ocean research organization that facilitates and promotes the conservation of marine life. The shark was recorded as swimming off Daytona Beach as recently as 10:15 a.m. Wednesday, and could have moved closer since then.

The shark's name is Sydney, a male Great White that measures a whopping 12 feet and two inches long. Sydney weighs 1,124 pounds, which is heavier than a Grand Piano. He's an adult shark.

Ocearch has been following Sydney since he was first tagged off the coast of Nova Scotia back in September of 2019. The shark has since traveled south to the warm waters of Florida, lurking near the shore of Daytona Beach.

According to Ocearch's Instagram, Sydney was the first shark tagged on the organization's Nova Scotia Expedition, named after a local town. He is the third Great White Shark that Ocearch has tracked off of Florida this season. 

Ocearch is waiting to see if Sydney will continue his journey south to the Gulf of Mexico. To follow his progress, check here. To check out more shark photos and videos on Ocearch's Instagram, go here.

It's time to swim to shore at Daytona Beach. For more on Florida sharks, try these articles on Great White Sharks swimming off the Florida Keys and several massive sharks surrounding Florida.

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