Given the fact that we’ve only discovered a small percentage of the world’s oceans, swimming in the sea can be kinda scary. It makes us shudder to think of what could be hidden in the waters beneath us, especially when they are darker with low visibility like the beaches on the coast of Georgia. To make you even more shook to venture into the great beyond, there are actually four Great White Sharks near Georgia’s coasts and we’re kind of freaking out.

Ocearch, an online platform that tracks all different types of tagged marine life across the world, puts the faint-hearted at ease knowing they can determine their safety before plunging into the massive waters on their beach trip. Right now, the satellite tracking technology shows that three massive Great White Sharks weighing well over 1,000 pounds are roaming the waters, inching closer to our shores by the minute.

Grey Lady, who appears to be super close to the Savannah shore, weighs 1,348 pounds and is 12 feet, 5 inches long *shivers*. Helena follows behind her at nearly the same length and weight, but the even more massive Katharine trails behind at nearly double the weight of the other two at a whopping 2,300 pounds and 14 feet in length.

We find it humorous that these monstrous creatures have such lovely names but don’t let that fool you. Although the chances of a shark attack are highly unlikely, make sure to be aware of your surroundings (and ditch the shiny jewelry) if you happen to be vacationing in Tybee Island this week.

In attempt to redeem ourselves by freaking you out, we will hopefully put your mind at ease by telling you there are adorable young Great Whites swimming around as well.

There’s a 75-pound, five-foot white shark right at the Georgia/Florida border named Manhattan appears to be nowhere close to inland.

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