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Green Party Of Canada Slams Conservatives In A Tweet About Coronavirus

The coronavirus is making people tense, to say the least. Even the Green Party of Canada is using the illness to take a shot at Conservatives. At the same time, they shared some valuable tips on keeping yourself healthy.

In a tweet sent out on March 4, the party wrote "Wash your hands. 🤷‍♀️Don’t touch your face. 🤳Wipe down your cell phone.⚕️Actually fund public health services and don't vote in Conservatives who make drastic health cuts.👆Health practices that are way more effective than wearing a face mask. #covid19Canada"

So far, the message has been retweeted 88 times and received 213 likes.

The tweet is packed with some common sense advice, aside from the political dig. The coronavirus, like the flu, is spread through sneezing or coughing. That means that proper hygiene is one of the best preventative measures.

While wearing a properly graded mask (N95 or higher) would prevent you from inhaling any water vapour that could be carrying the virus (for instance, from someone coughing), it doesn't help if your touch your nose or mouth without washing your hands.

The Green Party's message comes after an announcement by the Prime Minister that there would be an eight-person committee led by Chrystia Freeland to deal with coronavirus.

"We take the international spread of COVID-19 seriously, and Canadians can be assured that their government and health officials are working tirelessly to keep them safe," Justin Trudeau said in a news release.

"This new committee will continue to monitor the health and economic impacts of the virus, and make sure our response takes all possible measures to prevent and limit the spread of the virus in Canada."

Cases continue to climb in Canada, with the number of confirmed coronavirus patients now reaching 33. There are 20 in Ontario, 12, in British Columbia, and one in Quebec.

Canadians have also been told not to stockpile supplies, as Costco shelves continue to be cleared out in some cities.