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The Greenest School In Canada Is In BC

The Metro Vancouver school is #1 in the country.
The Greenest School In Canada Is In BC

Green movements are happening all over Canada. Whether you are making a huge change or just minimizing your own waste, everything is beneficial to our future. One school in B.C. is doing a lot to help save the planet. So much so, that the Richmond school has been named the Greenest School in Canada. It had some tough completion to beat but it’s no surprise why they won this award.

According to the Canada Green Building Council, W.D. Ferris Elementary School in Richmond is making all the right choices when it comes to saving our environment. 

Every student in the Kindergarten to grade 7 school shares a motto that correlates with the school's intense sustainability goals so this prestigious award is well deserved.

According to the Canada Green Building Council, not only will the school have bragging rights, but they will also receive $2,000 to put towards a sustainability project of their choosing. 

This is not an easy award to be considered for. In order to determine the winner, W.D. Ferris Elementary, and several other schools that applied, were judged on criteria that included efficient use of resources, reduced environmental impact, enhanced learning, and emphasis on sustainability and resource-conservation education.

Due to the school’s hard work, this B.C. location is now the proud winner of the title. 

According to the Canada Green Building Council, there are a number of initiatives that left this elementary school sticking out from the competition. 

This includes conducting energy saving audits, reducing electricity use, reducing waste and water use, improving transportation by encouraging walking and cycling, and focusing on air quality and cleanliness. And that’s just to name a few. 

One of the most impressive facts is that the school has reduced its garbage by 80%. They also grow their own vegetables and fruits in a school garden in order to be self-sustainable. 

The school’s waste saving programs have been insane since 2007!

One notable feature is that the school has removed all vending machines in order to encourage reusable water bottles.

Another interesting tactic is to having the kids take a play break before lunch. This ensures the kids are nice and hungry and therefore, reduce the amount of food waste by up to 95%.

Due to the win, the school will now have a $2,000 award from Staples to use on environmental initiatives. 

This award comes at the perfect time as part of the Climate Strike hundreds of people will be marching across Canada in support of climate change initiatives.

In Vancouver, people will be taking to the streets with signs to call out political parties and encourage change on Friday, September 27. Greta Thunberg has already done her part and called out Justin Trudeau for “not doing enough."

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