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Oil & Gas Counter-Protesters Have A Plan To Crash Greta Thunberg's Edmonton Visit

It is being organized by the group, United We Roll.

As Greta Thunberg gears up to attend Edmonton's own Climate Strike, another group of protesters is planning to attend. However, they will not be joining the teenage climate activist in protesting against the dangers of climate change. Instead, Greta Thunberg's Alberta visit will face a counterprotest from oil and gas advocates.

The counter-protest was announced on the United We Roll Facebook Page. The group is responsible for organizing a pro-pipeline convoy that made its way to Ottawa in February 2019.

"THIS IS A CALL TO ACTION," the Facebook post reads. "We in the province of Alberta are tired of celebrities coming into our province and trying to tell us how to run our oil and gas sector."

"This is a Short notice but we need to let the world know we are proud of our clean energy," the post continues. "I am asking everyone connected to the oil and gas industry to come out in UNITY to show Greta we do not need her yelling at us."

The post also indicates that this will be a peaceful counterprotest.

While the provincial government has not made any promises to meet with Thunberg, the mayors of Edmonton and Calgary have both invited her to talk about the cities' own climate initiatives with them. 

Although the provincial government does not plan to meet with Thunberg, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney welcomed her to the province. According to the Edmonton Journal, Kenney said he hoped that Thunberg would see that Alberta is a "beautiful place filled with friendly people."

Despite the friendly welcome, Kenney had recently voiced his opposition to climate protests on October 16.

"If you believe that the entire industrial modern economy should be shut down tomorrow, that the airplanes should stop flying, the cars should all stop driving, that millions of people should be put into unemployment, because we need to turn off the consumption of all hydrocarbon energy tomorrow, if that’s what you believe, then you’re probably not going to be a supporter of what we’re doing in Alberta," according to the Toronto Star.

Edmonton's Climate Strike will be taking place in front of the Alberta Legislature on October 18. 

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